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Highlights and new discoveries in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and AI (October 2016)

In the latest issue of this monthly digest series you can learn about Google's breakthrough with DeepMind, why you might soon see robocops on the streets of Dubai, how many quadcopters it takes to screw in a lightbulb, and much more.

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Happy Thanksgiving Sale

Some virtual turkey for all the nerds out there: Enjoy 50% off the eBook version of OpenCV with Python Blueprints on the official Packt Publishing website. No promo code required. Only today!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Highlights and new discoveries in Neuroscience (October 2016)

In the latest issue of this monthly series digest you can learn how to transplant neurons, how dance and music training affect the brain, how dominance and aggressiveness are regulated in the female and male brain, and much more.

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Is there really evidence for a limit to human lifespan?

Driven by technological progress, human life expectancy has increased greatly since the nineteenth century. A study recently published in Nature used demographic data to reveal a lifespan of ~115 years that human beings cannot exceed, simply by virtue of being human. However, when data scientists re-analyzed the data published in the Nature paper using model comparison, a different picture emerged: If anything, their data supports the idea that our lifespan is nowhere close to reaching a limit.