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10 bizarre neurological diseases you wouldn't believe exist

Brains are weird. They use billions of complex, interconnected nerve cells to make sense of the vast amount of sensory information we are bombarded with every second of every day, and let us become self-aware and conscious. Yet it doesn't take much to confuse them—and when things go wrong, they can go really wrong. Ever felt worms crawling through your skin or found yourself sexually aroused 24/7? Ever woken up and all you could speak is Polish (and, you're not from Poland)? Read on to find out what other weird neurological diseases seem too crazy to exist, but actually do.

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Highlights and new discoveries in Neuroscience (April 2016)

In the fourth issue of this monthly digest series you can learn what causes deja vu, whether consciousness comes in time slices, how the brain recognizes emotions in faces, why you should (not?) eat more fruit, and much more.

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Open science gone awry: How 70,000 OKCupid users just had their private data exposed

Earlier today, a pair of individuals allegedly affiliated with Danish universities publicly released a scraped dataset of nearly 70,000 users of the dating website OKCupid (OKC), including their sexual turn-ons, orientation, plain usernames—and called the whole thing research. You can imagine why plenty of academics (and OKC users) are unhappy with the publication of this data, and an open letter is now being prepared so that the parent institutions can adequately deal with this issue.

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Highlights and new discoveries in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and AI (April 2016)

In the fourth issue of this monthly digest series you can find out how Qualcomm is bringing deep learning and AI to smart devices, why Daimler sent self-driving trucks all across Europe, how to imitate Rembrandt's best work with the help of deep learning, and much more.