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How to manipulate the perceived color temperature of an image with OpenCV and Python

When we look at images, our brain picks up on a number of subtle clues to infer important details about the scene, such as faint color tints that are due to lighting. Warmer colors tend to be perceived as more pleasant, whereas cool colors are associated with night and drabness. This effect is no mystery to photographers, who sometimes purposely manipulate the white balance of an image to convey a certain mood. How can we achieve such an effect using OpenCV?

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Highlights and new discoveries in Neuroscience (January 2016)

In the first issue of this monthly digest series you can find out how researchers can read your mind to predict what you're seeing in real time, what the brain has in common with the World Wide Web, why the brain might require the same amount of energy when at rest as compared to when it is doing something massively complicated, and much more.