Friday, January 8, 2016

Last chance to save big on OpenCV with Python Blueprints!

Time is running out to purchase the eBook version of OpenCV with Python Blueprints for $5 as part of Packt's "Skill up" sale!

The book demonstrates how to develop a series of intermediate to advanced projects using OpenCV and Python, rather than teaching the core concepts of OpenCV in theoretical lessons. Instead, the working projects developed in this book teach the reader how to apply their theoretical knowledge to topics such as image manipulation, augmented reality, object tracking, 3D scene reconstruction, statistical learning, and object categorization.

What readers on Amazon have to say:

The author does a great job explaining the concepts needed to understand what’s happening in the application without the need of going into too many details.

– Sebastian Montabone, 5 stars

Usually I'm not a big fan of technical books because they are too dull, but this one is written in an engaging manner with a few dry jokes here and there. Can only recommend!

– lakesouth, 5 stars

Solid and useful book on getting ramped up with OpenCV in Python. I have found it useful several times in the recent weeks as I am exploring OpenCV.

– bigbirdtommy, 4 stars

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