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How to install CUDA 9 and CuDNN 7 on Ubuntu 18.04

Installing CUDA has gotten a lot easier over the years thanks to the CUDA Installation Guide, but there are still a few potential pitfalls to be avoided. Below is a working recipe for installing the CUDA 9 Toolkit and CuDNN 7 (the versions currently supported by TensorFlow) on Ubuntu 18.04.

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Black Friday Sale

Some virtual turkey for all the nerds out there: Enjoy all my Packt eBooks and videos for only $10 each! No promo code required, just head on over to the official Packt Publishing website and start shopping. Limited time only!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Top 5 free GitHub alternatives in 2018

Now that Microsoft has acquired GitHub, many are looking to move their code to some other hosting platform. But, what are some good free alternatives to GitHub in 2018?

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